I recently traveled to Phoenix for a unique and intensive two-day event organized by Joe Polish and the esteemed Genius Network. The focus of this event is none other than the fascinating world of AI, or artificial intelligence.

On my drive to the airport, I felt compelled to share my perspective on AI and what it will mean for Entrepreneurs.

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As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, AI has become one of the most significant and transformative innovations of our time.

I believe this journey into AI will be a defining moment in our lives, one that will shape the way we approach challenges and opportunities in the future.

As Entrepreneurs, it is crucial for us to be at the forefront of technological advancements. 

AI is here to stay and it will only continue to grow and evolve.  I encourage all of you to spend your time, energy and effort to get out in front of this topic.


Founder of the align5 Companies,  CEO of Scaling Up Coaches, and Serial Entrepreneur

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