John Ratliff, Founder of the align5 Companies, CEO of Scaling Up Coaches, and an overall Serial Entrepreneur and Pilot was honored to be a guest on The Beer Mighty Podcast hosted by Kyle Rheiner.   They discussed John’s first business as a kid, entrepreneurship, motivating teams and attention to detail.  They also talked about risk-taking, flying planes and the infamous Fighter Pilot Colonel John “5-Second” Boyd and his OODA Decision Making Loop.

Listen to learn how to be more productive by utilizing the DAILY HUDDLE to identify the day’s #1 priority and the “stucks” your team might face. Listen up!  Lots of takeaways!

Click below to listen to the Podcast:




P.S. I shared in one of my messages last month about the Painted Picture that I have been talking about creating my own Mastermind program for the last 4 years.  I am passionate about creating a place for entrepreneurs to “find their tribe” and allow them to excel both personally and professionally. Well, I am excited to announce that the Full Circle Mastermind is coming soon!  My team and I are finalizing the details and the application process will begin soon.  

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