I was in hyper-learning mode last week, and it caused me to stop and think about how important upping your knowledge game can be when growing a company.

On Wednesday, I flew to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the 100k group in Genius Network, with 20 other entrepreneurs. In this group, we all pay $100,000 annually to attend… to discuss marketing, the entrepreneurial journey, life skills, parenting, and pretty much anything you can think of!

I took the red-eye home Saturday for the Scaling Up Certified Coaches 3.5-day quarterly confab, where 50 coaches came together to learn from their peers, outside speakers, and each other. It was a full week of massive amounts of knowledge on a minute-by-minute basis!

During 100k, I did a talk with Pete Worrell on exit strategy for entrepreneurs, and during Scaling Up, I presented to our coaching community how they can help clients drive their strategy and ultimately exit value.  I love to speak in front of groups, and I certainly get a ton out of it. But the real value for me, in both 100k and Scaling Up, is in learning from others.

I have said dozens of times that Creativity is the single most important skill an entrepreneur can possess. I have also said I am obsessed with pattern recognition.  So guess what happens in a networking and mastermind setting? Both of those…on STEROIDS!

It is like Creativity hyperdrive and Pattern Recognition Nirvana.

I shared with the 100k group that in the 2 short days we spend together, I believe we get the equivalent of 2 months, or sometimes 2 years of patterns. By hearing the challenges, wins, losses, successes, and failures of others, your brain starts to think about how it is relevant to your situation. You are subconsciously training your gut instinct to make better decisions.

Fast forward to the Coaches event. 50 coaches, all in the same business, talking to the same demographics of clients, and putting their own unique spin on service delivery. 3.5 days of sharing proven practices, what’s working, what isn’t, marketing tips, service delivery tips, new books, software, articles to read, and 10,000 other great ideas!

Now imagine trying to amass all that knowledge via trial and error… in that case it could be TWO DECADES before you get that level of knowledge!

Think of group settings, with likeminded individuals, as the ultimate learning hack, no matter what you are trying to learn.

Want to code software better? Join a coding club.
Want to be a better artist? Attend an artist retreat.
Want to know more about European History? Get together with history buffs!

And want to scale your growth company better and faster? Get into a group with entrepreneurs who are scaling great companies!

I love the power of collective learning in the group setting! Any time I go into hyper-learning mode, my energy and mind are on fire creating and growing my own skills, thought patterns, and capabilities.

Think about times of the year when you go into a ‘hyper-learning” phase. What benefits, new habits, and new insights do you get from them?

And if you don’t have a hyper-learning phase every once in a while, I challenge you to set aside at least one week a year, and invest in yourself


Founder of the align5 Companies,  CEO of Scaling Up Coaches, and Serial Entrepreneur

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