I am in a massive rut and didn’t even realize it, until just now.

I was able to quickly figure out why, so I thought I’d share what I observed as it might prove helpful for you.

I was sitting in a board meeting for a company I’ve been invested in, heavily, and for a really long time. It’s a company in the agriculture space, and I believe it’s about to change the world, so it is super exciting work. I cannot wait to see the story unfold, both due to my investment, and more importantly because of what is to come (saving that for a future email).

BUT at the end of the meeting, we were looking for our next date, and everyone had a pretty full calendar, mostly with summer vacations, trips to Europe, extended time away, etc.

Except me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my calendar is full. It is way over-packed, especially with tactical work, which is definitely not my best use of time, and way out of my energy zone.

But there is no variety, whatsoever.

For the remainder of 2023, minus a quick and long-standing 4th of July party at our beach house, I have no travel coming up!


With the exception of a couple of work trips.

Not really a big deal… except it is.

And it just hit me like a ton of bricks straight to the head:

I get my best thinking, and ideas, and creativity when THE SCENERY CHANGES!


Listen, I made my own bed, and I have a ton of work coming down the line, running multiple companies, and doing M&A with multiple deals in market, but it is all happening in the same place at the same time.

I built my whole world to be able to work from anywhere, and I am not taking advantage of that, AT ALL!

Result: I’m in a huge rut.

I might even use the word “depressed,” as it is making me depressed that my scenery has not changed, and unless I take action, will not change during what is the most entertaining time of year for me, which is the summertime.

I can hear all the voices saying, “Well just change it!”


Yeah I get it, and in writing this now I probably will change some stuff around.

The issue was that I didn’t even realize that this is why I was in a rut! I had some vague sense of boredom and depression, but just assumed it was from being too busy, and too tactical. But it is also location specific, and the reason I had not “changed it” (yet) was I didn’t even “know it.”

But now I do, so thought I would share just in case you may be feeling something similar.

Happy Summer! I’m off to book some travel!


Founder of the align5 Companies,  CEO of Scaling Up Coaches, and Serial Entrepreneur

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