Often times when I’m talking with entrepreneurs, they are in the throes of business success BUT are also using heroic efforts to achieve their results. They are motivated by the success but exhausted by the energy being expended to reach those results.

How many of you have looked in the mirror at yourself through bleary eyes and had these thoughts? 

There HAS to be a better, easier, less stressful (insert the word of your choice) way!

I’m going to burn out or die trying to get this company to the next level.

I don’t recognize the person looking at me.

I imagined success looking more like…

I am so excited about the opportunity but equally depressed about what that means for me for the next year, 3 years…

We become so committed to our business as part of our identity that we at times simultaneously can’t imagine life without it and can imagine continuing on. If you have been or are at this point, just know that you are not alone! I have said repeatedly that the journey of an entrepreneur can be extremely lonely. That is a large part of my motivation to build an offering that focuses on business AND personal connection for those of us who identify as entrepreneurs. I know that finding community has saved me several times over my decades as an entrepreneur.

One of the other ways I have been really refocusing on for 2023 is on self-care. When COVID struck in Q1 2020, my businesses were all drastically impacted – some struggling to survive and pivot and others in hyperactivity mode. Both were energizing but exhausting! I am pretty sure I am still suffering some lingering PTSD style effects.

Like most of us, feel like I’ve blinked and 2+ years have gone by. I was not diligent during that time to prioritize my health – physical, mental, and emotional. As of January 2023, I am recognizing the toll that has taken on me and it’s not a good one. BUT I am optimistic.

I have spent the past 2 weeks taking inventory of myself in all of those areas and made a plan to focus on ways to make improvements this year. Starting with a short reset involving “Vitamin Sea” at our place in the Florida Keys.

I believe strongly in the power of the elements – fire, water, air and earth – water has always been the strongest draw. Salt water with all of its healing powers has always been able to reset me both physically and mentally. The ocean has saved me at low points of my life battling depression, has buoyed my body and soul in its gentle waves and has cleansed my mind, body and spirit of things polluting me.

Whatever that may be for you – connecting with nature, breathing exercises, admiring sunrises or sunsets – if you are still clouded by anything dragging forward from the past few years, allow yourself to reset before tackling what’s next.

Afterall, your health is your wealth. To your health in 2023!!


Founder of the align5 Companies,  CEO of Scaling Up Coaches, and Serial Entrepreneur

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