The business environment in the United States today tends to shower attention and praise on two segments – the monolithic giants and the glamorous start-ups.  Yet, lost in the middle, are the companies that employ millions of people and provide the fuel that drives the broader economy.

While the business media loves to focus on the latest multi-million investment round led by a big-name venture capital firm, or a huge exit by the “unicorn” of the month, almost no one gives attention to the skills it takes to build and sustainably scale a company.  Perhaps more importantly, those very disciplines that we as entrepreneurs must master to take our companies from start-up to successful scale-up are the same disciplines that provide balance and generate tremendous value when it comes time to exit – whether that is to a group of our employees, to the next generation of our families or to another buyer.

In the video below, Chad and John share some thoughts on the importance of understanding the Entrepreneurial Company Lifecycle™ and mastering the skills necessary to scale your business.