In prior blog posts we’ve discussed some great topics like Core Values, Culture and Strategy, which as entrepreneurs we can easily sink our teeth into and enthusiastically pursue.  For many of you, the mere mention of “systems and process” may cause your eyes to glaze over, yet as growth company entrepreneurs this is one of the most important topics to master.  Many founder/entrepreneurs are used to doing it all and have a difficult time delegating as their businesses grow.  Unfortunately, the failure to delegate and build effective teams usually stymies growth, even with a business that is in a rising market.

Ironically, world-class systems and processes are the very things that deliver the elusive balance we seek in our personal and business lives.  Moreover, by implementing predictability and focus in your business, you will enhance the value of your company when it comes time to exit. Indeed, many of our clients and friends adhere to the Scaling-Up principles (also known as the Rockefeller Habits 2.0), articulated by Verne Harnish of the Scaling Up Organization in his book called Scaling Up and as a result have been able to command premium valuations from both strategic and financial buyers who recognize the value of a company that is built to scale.

Scaling Up

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