The world changed forever, in a fundamental way, on Monday, June 5th…

…and most people didn’t even notice it.

I contend this was as significant a moment in history as the moment Steve Jobs stood on stage and, holding it in his hand about shoulder high, declared “this is an iPhone.”

Ironically, what happened Monday came from that exact same company. Possibly from the exact same stage. And the world kind of missed it. The stock market didn’t miss it, but rather just missed the entire point (I’ll explain below).

So what was this epic cosmic shift? 

The Apple Vision Pro headset. 

No big deal, right? 

Not much different than the Oculus, right? 

VR has been around a long time so who cares, right? 


I think that kind of thinking is entirely wrong! Fundamentally wrong! And history has a funny way of repeating itself too… you may not remember, but many so-called experts said “so what” about the iPhone.

It is just a stupid phone with a better browser, right?

Ha ha, we can laugh about it now, but that was part of the rhetoric at the time! It was the early adopters that slept out in line for two days, but the mass media wasn’t so impressed.

I feel like the same thing is happening again. I think the world will soon feel a seismic shift, much like it did with the iPhone, and perhaps even more.

The pundits say “too expensive.” “Just a toy.” “Don’t see the big deal.” The stock, after being up about $6 before the announcement actually dropped after. Analysts suggested less-than-impressive sales projections for the first year and that the stock was way overpriced.

What I think everyone missed is the fact that this is version 1.0. And it is already insanely impressive. But like the first iPhone it is just scratching the surface of capability.

Click below to watch the video introduction of the Vision Pro:



You see, this headset will change the way we interact with ALL of our technology.

Phone, TV, monitors, laptops, tablets, even stand up desks!

It is going to turn our entire environment into our desktop.

Our theater.

Our creative spaces.

It is going to make video calls real, interactive, life size.

It is going to change the way entertainment is delivered.

And art.

And meetings…

And tons of stuff we can’t even fathom at the moment!

Would you want to be a manufacturer of HDTVs in 10 years? Or computer monitors? Or, if you can put a completely immersive 100-foot screen in real life view in seat 37E on a cross country flight, how excited will you be to eat stale popcorn at AMC for that same movie?

The world changed Monday. Dramatically. And Apple, with their completely full-solution, closed ecosystem, is the most well-positioned company in history to take advantage of the change.

And brilliantly, they sat on the sideline for years and watched. They learned. They took notes. They addressed the shortcomings and then sprung.

They are rarely first to market in a category but instead they wait, and when they do launch, they tend to immediately change that category forever. iPod, iMac, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch… all of them. Not first, but ultimately most profitable in each category.

If you are a business owner, you should be thinking about how this new tech can be harnessed to drive growth. New customer interaction capability. New go to market. New offerings… I could write for a week…the list is endless… but it is coming, and fast.

The media missed it.

The experts missed it.

The analysts missed it.

The street missed it.

Now it’s your turn. Don’t miss it..


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