HR Diversity

Emily Ratliff joined align5 to enhance the strategic coaching and consulting services offered to include this critical area of your business! She brings with her over 20 years of Human Resources experience, most recently as the Director of the Employee Experience at Appletree Answers for over 8 years. During her tenure, Appletree experienced over 400% growth and saw employee turnover go from over 100% to under 20% and led the effort to implement and deliver the Dream On Program. We have the experience and proven results and we want to help your organization achieve your HR goals!

At align5, our name is a reflection on our methodology of helping companies focus on 5 key priorities in order to stay focused and achieve results. In the spirit of sticking with the theme of “5”, below are 5 ways we can make an impact on your organization with our HR consulting services:


One: We are Passionate about Employee Engagement

Our focus on the Employee Experience achieves results. We can help you focus on creating an engaged workforce that will help you turn your vision into reality for your company. We focus on the employee experience and what that experience is like in every aspect of your company. Let us help you create amazing experiences that will increase loyalty and dedication and lower turnover. We recently worked with a client and helped them improve their Employee Net Promoter score from a 39 to a 62 in just 6 months!

Two: We understand that Culture is Critical

A great company culture is not a poster of core values on the wall that is never talked about or a ping pong table in the break room. We can help you identify your company’s core values and give you ideas for how to make them a part of every aspect of your business. Your core values are most likely already a key part of who you are as a company… let us help you define them and make them a part of your daily activities.

Three: Our Unique Dream On Program…

Are you looking for a unique program to offer to your employees to help reinforce your core values and show your employees that you truly care about them? Then the Dream On Program is for you! Every employee can submit one dream to the company… and then the company randomly grants dreams! Imagine this scenario.. an employee submits a dream to the company… and their dream is for the company to grant the dream of a fellow employee.. or a complete stranger! We have seen both happen! And we can help you design and implement your own Dream On Program.

Four: You are an Entrepreneur, not an HR Expert–

And you probably don’t even like rules all that much… well that is where we can help. We are experts in the HR field so you don’t have to be! We are experienced with highgrowth, entrepreneurial companies and can help with the demands of a growing workforce. We can assist with everything from compliance to payroll to organizational planning and recruiting.

Five: Need overall HR function support? We are here for you!

Our HR consulting ranges from basic HR functions such as advising, strategic planning,
compliance, policy and process development, employee engagement and recruiting on
an as needed basis to stepping in and taking over the HR function. We can tailor our
offering to fit the needs of your business!

Ready to learn more? Contact us so we can start the conversation!