Recently we held our first two Full Circle Mastermind events: a virtual open house on Wednesday, and an in-person open house the following night.

In both meetings, I had the chance to personally speak with dozens of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, with a vast array of successes, and an equally vast array of aspects they are struggling with in their business.

At one point during yesterday’s discussion, we went around the table to discuss who we’d choose as a mentor, if we could pick anyone in the world, past or present.

And every time this question comes up, I seem to always have someone different in mind and—don’t ask me how or why I go on these tangents, but I went into a story about why I’m fascinated by Jimmy Buffett.

No, it’s not for his music—he’s not the first person I’d take guitar lessons from.

No, it’s not for his voice—I would never take singing lessons from him either!!

And no, it’s not for his marketing abilities either…

But if there’s one thing I’d LOVE to learn from Jimmy…it’s the escape he created for his fans—the customer experience he was so good at—and so obsessive with creating!

In case you missed our talk last night, I dug up this video from a while back to show you what I mean:

Click Here to Watch John’s Video – Jimmy Buffett

When we think about how to really differentiate ourselves, we look to our product, we look to our services, we obsess over functionality, customization, affordability, and so on.

I’ve never quite understood why, but last on the list tends to be the customer experience.

But without customers, there would be no business in the first place!

You could have the world’s most luxurious hotel. But if the customer experience is terrible, you’ll suffer.

You could have the world’s most dreaded, least customizable business—say basic dental services, and people will always choose to come back to you (and refer their friends) because of the lovely experience they had!

Or, you could have the most mediocre, run-of-the-mill product, and still stand out from the crowd because… you guessed it… the amazing customer experience.

And THAT is why Jimmy Buffett is someone I’d love to have as a mentor.

In a world of ever-increasing competition—both human and machine, customer experience is the one true way you can still differentiate yourself and your business.

So why not take some time today to think about how you can make your customer experience as delightful and memorable as Jimmy Buffett has?

In other words, what’s your Margaritaville


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